Welcome to Smarter HEPA

Our passion is cleaning air with simple, stylish, efficient, and cost-effective air purifiers. The Smart Air products we distribute are designed to be powerful, quiet and do one thing exceptionally well, clean air at an honest price.

The Smart Air Air Purifiers have been sold around the world and received international acclaim under the brand Smart Air Filters. Smarter HEPA is proud to be the official distributor of these award-winning air purifiers to North America.

For Schools & Offices

The Smart Air Blast is suited to fit perfectly in schools, offices, restaurants, gyms, and medical and senior care facilities, thanks to its quality finish and moveable design. Its high-powered, super-quiet fan, just 43 dBA on high, makes it ideal for classrooms and offices.

Blast Air Purifiers for California's Clean Air Centers

Smarter HEPA is proud to be a part of California's Clean Air Centers! Providing over 600 Smart Air Blasts for Clean Air Centers and Wildfire Emergencies. These centers offer a place of refuge and clean air during poor air conditions due to wildfires and heavy pollution.


  • I took it home over the holidays and put it our large bedroom and the air felt crystal clean.
  • A great machine. Does the job and even looks good.
  • Wendy
  • Michael

The S Model

The Smart Air S is a no-nonsense purifier designed from the ground up to do one thing exceptionally well: clean air.

Its elegant style blends with any décor making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms in the home – at an unbeatable price.

A better way to breathe.

At Smarter HEPA, we believe in a smarter, better way of keeping the air around us safe to breath.

And we believe in fair, honest pricing too.