Smarter HEPA was founded by Michael Cole, during the Covid-19 pandemic, as he was looking for ways to help keep his wife and daughter, and their students, safe in their classrooms. He is passionate about clean air and found the highest quality and best value in Smart Air air purifiers and realized he should share this incredible value with others in the U.S.

Smart Air air purifiers now provide clean air to homes, offices and classrooms across the United States.

Due to a trademark conflicts, the name "Sqair" air purifier was rebranded as the "Smart Air S". We originally sold Smart Air products in the U.S. branded as Smart Health, but Smart Air is now trademarked in the US, so now our Smart Health products will return to Smart Air products. 

Smart HEPA's sister company, Smart Air, was founded in 2013 by an American PhD student studying in China as a social enterprise with the mission of producing simple, no-nonsense air purifiers and providing free education and knowledge on air pollution.


Telephone Number: 801-900-3240