Air Purifiers


    Breathe easier at home with Smarter HEPA air purifiers!

    We offer a range of quiet, efficient, and affordable air purifiers to combat various indoor air quality concerns.

    • Need a travel purifier? Our lightweight Smart Air QT3 portable HEPA filter air purifier is perfect for cars or on-the-go.
    • Seeking a bedroom or apartment solution? The Smart Air S (aka Smart Air Sqair) and the Smart Air SA600  HEPA room purifiers tackle the job efficiently.
    • Looking for large-space coverage? Smart Air SA600 and our high-capacity Blast and Blast Mini handle large spaces with ease.

    Why Choose Smarter HEPA?

    • Industry Leaders in Clean Air: Our HEPA filters capture nearly all airborne particles in a single pass.
    • Tackle Smoke & Odors: Add an activated carbon filter to target smoke, formaldehyde, radon, and other VOCs.
    • Quiet Operation: Enjoy cleaner air without extra noise.
    • Cost-Effective: Breathe easy without breaking the bank.

    Have questions?  Contact us today to find the perfect air purifier for your needs!