Air Quality Monitors

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    Breathe with Confidence: Know Your Indoor Air Quality!

    Want to ensure your home has clean, healthy air? Smarter HEPA offers a range of easy-to-use air quality monitors to help you:

    • Track CO2 levels: Monitor fresh air circulation and potential stuffiness.
    • Measure fine particles (PM2.5 & PM10):  Identify dust, allergens, and other airborne irritants.
    • Temperature & Humidity:  Ensures optimal comfort levels and reduces potential mold growth.
    • VOC Levels:  Identifies the presence of volatile organic compounds that can impact indoor air quality. (QP Pro only)
    • Portable for convenience: Move the monitor from room to room to create a complete picture of your home's air quality.

    Don't know which monitor is right for you?  Our experts are happy to help! Contact us today for personalized recommendations.