Air Purifier Filters


    Keep Your Air Purifier Working Like New!

    Filter Replacement Made Easy:

    • How often?   Depending on your air quality and usage, guidelines for replacement HEPA air filters for optimal performance are as follows:
      • QT3 – 800 hours
      • Smart Air S (aka Smart Air Sqair) –  9-12 months
      • SA600 – 18-24 months
      • Blast Mini – 2 years
      • Blast – 2-3 years
    • Why replace?  A fresh HEPA air purifier filter ensures your unit continues to capture nearly all airborne pollutants, keeping your air clean.
    • We've got you covered!  Smarter HEPA offers:
      • HEPA replacement filters:  Removes 99.97% of contaminants and pollutants.
      • Activated carbon filters for air purifiers (optional):  Eliminates gaseous odors and VOCs.

    Don't know which air purifier filters you need?  Our friendly team is happy to help! Contact us today for personalized recommendations.