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How often do you change your filters? If you run your purifier regularly, you’ll need to replace your air purifier filter at least once every 12 to 24 months. Enjoy the same clean, high-quality air by replacing the filter with a HEPA air purifier filter that will catch nearly all pollutants in the air.

At Smarter HEPA, we offer activated carbon filters for air purifiers that eliminate gaseous pollution, such as carbon monoxide, NOx, and SOx, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from your indoor air. We also sell replacement HEPA air filters specially sized for the air purifiers we offer. Our HEPA filters will remove over 99.97 percent of the contaminants and pollutants in the air.

If you require more information about our air purifier filters, or if you need help selecting the correct replacement filter, please contact us today via phone or email.