QT3 Replacement HEPA Filters - 2 pack

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Replacement HEPA filter (2 pack) for the QT3 portable air purifier. 

HEPA filters capture pollution particulates such as PM2.5, dust and pollen. Made with polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) for the safest solution to clean air.

The QT3 HEPA filter gives up to 800 hours of clean air. HEPA filters are essential to clean air so be sure to replace them regularly.

Customer Reviews

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Low quality - not what I would expect from your company

The machine's "fit and finish" is terrible. Really not what I would expect, after using your other machines for a few years now.

The feet popped off, the strap popped off, and I've used it for less than a week.

There are gaps around the filter, so the air isnt forced to move through the filter, and instead goes around it.

Douglas Sojourner
Leaks air past filter(fixable)

The air leaks around the edge of the filter. In hindsight, I realized you can actually see the gaps in one of the photos on this site (at this time anyway): at the edge of the opening, there is a black section next to the white filter -- this is the gap (and one like it on the other side) that the air leaks out.
I fixed mine by cutting a cardboard mask (from the box it came in) that matches the edge of the front piece on its outside edge, has a hole on the inside narrower than the filter, and a notch in the bottom where the front attaches to the drawer holding the filter.

Good for travel

Allowed to be carried on Air Canada flight as a personal fan. Easy to clean and replace filter. Like the compartment at the top which can store a mini power bank; would love for the compartment to have opening for cable to stick out. Would love for the depth of the device to be shortened if possible since there is empty space not used.

Suhela Bhattacharya


No need for filters - QT3 doesn’t work

Hefty hidden COD charges upon delivery for a devise that doesn’t work!