Smart Air S Air Purifier

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Perfect for bedrooms and other living areas inside the home. Cleans the air in a 21' x 21' room FOUR times per hour or 900 square feet every 30 minutes.

Uses HEPA filter with 99.95% efficiency at removing both .3-micron and 0.07 micron airborne particles.

Includes a carbon filter to remove odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), paint fumes, chemicals and smoke.

Meets California ozone emissions limits. CARB, UL, CSA certified.

Customer Reviews

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Brent F.
Great so far

This is my first ever experience with an air purifier. Bought it to deal with odor from kitty litter so added the activated carbon filter. Not a dirty litter box, but the grainy smell from soy based litter. It has definitely helped with the odor. I did not anticipate how much reduction in dust we would get. Very pleased so far.

Barbara Marcati
Fresh Air!

Love this Product! Easy to Set Up! Felt the Difference from Day One! It is Quiet and Looks Great in any Room. The Air feels Light and Clean!

Will M.
Queit and perfect for my home office.

My Smart Air S cycles and cleans air efficiently. SmarterHEPA customer support is outstanding as well.

so quiet

the fan is so quiet and unobtrusive. and i really think the air is cleaner. i notice a difference.

Jenny Murray, MD
Great air purifier!!!

Been telling all my family and friends about this air purifier. We got Covid about a week after getting the square. Was so thankful to have it in our room to keep the viral load to a minimum while we recovered. My daughter ordered one and it arrives today. I did a ton of research before buying and I’m recommending this to everyone! Plus it’s a bonus to be able to support the efforts of clean air for all this company makes. I’m am an MD and recommend this above all other air purifiers. Thank you and well done

Breathe better with clean air from Smart Air S!

The Smart Air S is a no-nonsense purifier designed from the ground up to do one thing exceptionally well: clean air.  Its elegant style blends with any décor making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms in the home – at an unbeatable price. The model S cleans a 900 sq ft space in 30 minutes and it can clean a 21’ x 21’ space in just 15 minutes.

The Smart Air S is one of the most cost effective air purifiers in the world, and it’s quieter too. On high, The Smart Air S sounds like soft rainfall. It’s up to 13 decibels quieter than many of the most popular air purifiers, yet provides more clean air and costs less.


- Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 315 m3/hr 

- 900 sq ft filtered every 30 min or a 21'x21' room filtered 4 times per hour

- Noise level: 23 - 43 - 52 dB

- Power consumption (Watts): 6 - 18 - 38

-Dimensions: 13"x13"x14.3", Weight: 10 lbs

- Uses a HEPA filter made with polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) with a 9-12 month life span

- Includes a carbon filter to remove odors, smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOC's)

How to Choose the Right Air Purifier for You.

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